• Advising – on investment in human space transportation.
  • Hospitality planning – We offer business planning for building accommodations infrastructure in space. For example, space hotels.
  • Contracting – for settlement on other worlds. For example, Mars.
  • Keynote – Need a speaker for your conference? Just ask.






Our Rates

  • UHNWI and corporate consulting in the areas of passenger transportation to orbit; lodging, accommodations, and settlement of other worlds – 1509 €/hour.
  • Need help monetizing your space company? – Get a Quote

Terms: We prefer to work on retainer.



If you or your organization is too busy or too overwhelmed to decide on what products and services you need (you may not need any), then one option is to simply tell us your problem and let us solve it. We can use what exists or create a solution if none exists. Either way, your problem is solved.



We do project management.



Our contracts have a time span of one year minimum and are usually multi-year. Renewal of contracts is always welcome.



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