Welcome, Serial Entrepreneurs!

Our CEO can come to your location anywhere in the world if travel costs are covered.

In the US, a representative can meet you at no cost in Charlotte or Savannah.

Our representatives will be present at the following events and meetings:

  • Space Tech Expo Europe, 24 – 26 October, 2017, Bremen, Germany – www.spacetechexpo.eu
    • Michael Clanton, Multi-World Business Developer/Relationship Manager

What can I do out in the Solar System?


Here are some ideas:

How do I start a space startup?


Here are some resources to help you get started:

How to Launch a Space Startup in 2 Days

How to Launch a Space Startup in 2 Days

Aim for the Stars: How to Launch a Space Startup

How do I start a space company/startup without any money?

How can I start a space exploration company?

How to Start a Startup – Infographic