• Are we at the end of the consumer age?

  • Are we living in a post-human economy?

  • What is NewSpace?

  • What does the economic decline mean for the NewSpace economy?

  • Why is NewSpace a growth industry?

  • How to start a NewSpace company?


Michael Clanton
Multi-World Business Developer/Relationship Manager
OneSpace Technologies

I would like to introduce you to Michael Clanton.

Michael is new to the NewSpace economy as well as OneSpace Technologies. But he is a quick learner.

Michael has several years of experience working with leading Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Michael’s position at OneSpace Technologies is Multi-World Business Developer/Relationship Manager. His role is to build relationships and thus create a network of customers, suppliers, and partners as we build the OneSpace Technologies organization.

I congratulate Michael for having participated in the International Space University’s Space Studies Program 2017 held at Cork Institute of Technology in Cork, Ireland. I know it was a challenge for him; but he has come out successful. I look forward to reading his blog.

At OneSpace Technologies, Michael also helps with developing the marketing and sales advising teams.

Michael’s passion is studying and understanding the global social, economic, and political trends. He will be applying for a PhD program within these fields soon.

Thank you.

Dr. Anis Karim
Founder & CEO
OneSpace Technologies Inc.