How do we pay you?

To pay us, please visit our payments page: https://www.onespacetechnologies.com/payments


Isn’t your company too far ahead of its time? Why not wait for a couple of centuries when the rest of civilization has caught up with you and then start OneSpace Technologies?

Napoleon Hill said: “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” If we waited, then the human race would blow itself to bits in a nuclear war; so the wise thing to do is to offer a peaceful alternative to war now.


Are there customers for what you are doing?

1. That is proprietary information, and 2. We charge for doing your market research.


Space is just for satellites and probes. There is no place for human beings in the universe. Why do you exist?

We are a business for profit; not an academic center for philosophic research. We have a blog that deals with questions like yours — Get Me into Orbit! — https://www.getmeintoorbit.com.

We might add that with the attitude that the universe is not for humans, one might be a genocidal AI bent on eliminating humans. We might add that if we were philosophers — which we are not.


Who really wants to go?

Space entrepreneurs, real estate developers, multinational corporations that want a foothold in the Solar System, and high net worth individuals (HNWI).


What can you do in the Solar System?

Work, recreation, sports, vacations, build second homes, settle, build suburbs, open small businesses, open factories to do manufacturing, mining, build spaceports, create tax havens, open off-shore/off-world banks, invest.


Where are the best worlds?

Totally a matter of opinion and a matter of what you are doing.


Can you give examples of what you mean?

Best gravity besides Earth is Ganymede in the Solar System and Proxima b in the Alpha Centauri System.

Best place to build a starport is Callisto.

Best protection from radiation besides Earth is Mercury which has a magnetosphere, and any moons or asteroid also so blessed to have one.


What is the best place for tourism?

No place lacks tourism potential. However, the Saturn Subsystem is an obvious choice with over 62 moons with some yet to be named and not counting the small moonlets that make up the spectacular rings. Titan has a toxic atmosphere like that of primeval Earth and has actual lakes and rivers though not of water. Enceladus has ice volcanoes. Saturn itself has poles with unexpected patterns and you can watch lightning displays and auroras in its atmosphere.


What is the best place to do mining?

That depends on whether one is seeking solids (the two asteroid belts) or helium-3 (Mercury, Luna, Jupiter, etc.) or exotic matter (out beyond Neptune).


Why go out in the Solar System?

Money, land, escape toxic air/water/land on Earth, politicians’ failure to reverse climate change will make Earth uninhabitable, escape overpopulation, escape nuclear war, go to a world where one can find privacy, and other personal reasons.


How can consumers go into space?

Use one of the new space transportation services.


How can a business get into space?

Existing methods (rockets & shuttles) but improved for more safety and lower cost per pound.


How rich could an entrepreneur become out there?

Since the universe is infinite, some have said that the first trillionaires will be created in the space industry.


How much real estate is out there?

Short answer: A lot.

Long answer: In the Solar System, there are eight planets, several large moons besides Ganymede, and several spherical asteroids besides Ceres. Outside the Solar System, astronomers discover new planets every month. There are over one thousand confirmed extrasolar planets (exo-planets). If you add in Kepler candidates, then the total is above five thousand. Alan Boss, astrophysicist at the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C., estimates at least one quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) planets in the Milky Way plus all other galaxies in the universe. Fortunately, many physicists think that there are other universes in the multiverse; so do not worry about running out of planets. Some may not even need terraforming.


What would companies do out there?

The same things they do on Earth.


Which worlds in the Solar System are worth branch offices?

That is a matter of opinion. Obviously a footprint on Mercury makes sense for solar power, weather forecasting due to its proximity to the Sun, and harvesting helium-3. By contrast, a footprint on Triton makes sense for cryogenics research, superconductor-based computing, and other industries that benefit from low temperatures. Rock mining is best done in the Main Asteroid Belt and The Kuiper Belt. Earth’s moon (Luna) and Mars have their advocates for settlement.


You say that you are a for-profit business and not a charitable foundation. What do you charge for your products and services?

Just request a rate card though the contact page or via an email. Thank you for asking!


How come you do telecommunications when your website is all about humans in the Solar System?

We were asked and so we decided to honor the request. However, we have no plans to make a habit of straying from our core mission of putting humans on other worlds.


What if my company’s need is not immediate? Can we have a no-fee relationship?

Yes. We won’t do any work, either paid or pro bono, but we will talk to you. Please avoid specifics because picking our brains is considered work and we will bill you for that and use collections.


Do you guarantee your work?



What are the unanswered questions?

We are not telepaths (and mind reading would be a nightmare universe), and so you have to send us the questions you want answered.