The NewSpace Club Social Network’s Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo Launches Today

The NewSpace Club ( is a social network for space enthusiasts excited about the possibilities of a new life out there. Official quote: “Our goals include finding space enthusiasts, encouraging people to tell others about the NewSpace Club and to share their excitement about it, and changing social life on Earth and beyond. Together, we … Read more

Indiegogo Campaign Delayed

OneSpace Technologies’ Indiegogo campaign has been delayed by the tax season in obtaining its EIN which is a number required in the United States of America. The company expects to have this important corporate identification issued within two weeks. The campaign is about crowdfunding for The NewSpace Club social network which will revolutionize human expansion … Read more

New Company is Announced

OneSpace Technologies Inc. is a new company in the business of private human spaceflight for consumers and corporate customers. OneSpace is creating a consumer mass market of millions of people in the Solar System through offering advising and opportunities to invest in a spaceline and other services in orbit. These OneSpace services are pioneering the … Read more