Dr. Anis Karim
Founder & CEO
OneSpace Technologies
ISU MSS 2005 Alumnus

Welcome home!

I am a specialist in Space Medicine committed to moving people off-Earth and to other worlds.

I personally invite you to explore the endless possibilities the NewSpace industry offers you.

How can I help you?


OneSpace Technologies is a start-up company founded by two individuals who believe that opportunities are knocking for the NewSpace economy. In this new growth market, my team and I are working with our partners and suppliers to get you to other worlds.

We provide relevant information on Earth-based and NewSpace economies on this website. Our partners, suppliers, and customers will find the information on the latest economic trends, off-world opportunities, Space Medicine, and human performance in space very useful.

I am a strong supporter of my alma mater, the International Space University. I am an alumnus of the 2005 class of the M.Sc. Space Studies program of ISU. Our Multi-World Business Developer/Relationship Manager participated in the ISU Space Studies Program 2017 held at the Cork Institute of Technology, Cork, Ireland in June – August, 2017.

Please join the OneSpace Technologies family, and contribute in whatever way you can to realize our mission of getting people into orbit and eventually deep space safely and at low cost.

Thank you.

Dr. Anis Karim
Founder & CEO
OneSpace Technologies Inc.

“Creating new markets and new industries has been done throughout business history despite the fact that it isn’t taught in business schools.”

– Dr. Anis Karim